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Bluebird Botanicals – CBD Hemp Signature Blend


A full spectrum hemp oil product with 250mg CBD hemp oil per ounce, Bluebird Botanicals Signature Hemp Oil Blend is CO2 extracted to allow a potent concentration.
Hemp CBD Oils proprietary cannabinoid blend offers a wide range of phytonutrients to support your healthy lifestyle and is available in two sizes.

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Another benefit to sublingual is that the effects take place much faster than the oral method, but the effects might not last as long. It is one of the most cost effective methods for long-term for those of us with chronic conditions.

The downside is the taste. Even the flavored drops don’t really mask the earthy taste that is not unlike the dregs of a cup of green tea. Please see Buyer’s Guide for more information.

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1oz (30ml), 2oz (60ml)

Phytocannabinoids (Strength)

250mg, 500mg


Hemp extract, black cumin seed oil, and frankincense oil


Simply place a few drops under your tongue and allow 90 seconds for them to be absorbed.

In addition to ease and potential accuracy of this method, the bioavailability is reported to be around 20-30%. The CBD goes directly into the bloodstream, so you don’t have the loss that is typically associated with oral methods. Oral methods require the CBD hemp oil go through the digestive tract.


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